Window cleaning prices vary from home to home, but typically start at $99. Factors include: how many total square feet your home is, how long it has been since your previous (if any) professional window cleaning, and the types of windows you have. We can usually give you a quick quote over the phone, however, for custom homes over 5000 square feet we will send a certified technician to your home for a free on-site estimate.

A typical full-service window cleaning from our company includes the cleaning of the interior and exterior windows, as well as screen cleaning. We always suggest a full-service window cleaning especially if you are a new client with us. However on occasion we do have clients who only need the exteriors done or only want specific windows or areas cleaned. In these cases we are happy to accommodate your requests.

Having your windows cleaned at least once a year is best. However, clients who live near the beach, airport, or in rural or heavy traffic areas usually get their homes cleaned more often to maintain the condition of their windows and also to enjoy their views. Getting windows cleaned before yearly holidays and celebrations, or for spring and fall cleanings is always a good idea. 

Having your windows cleaned at least once a year is best. However, clients who live near the beach, airport, or in rural or heavy traffic areas usually get their homes cleaned more often to maintain the condition of their windows and also to enjoy their views. Getting windows cleaned before yearly holidays and celebrations, or for spring and fall cleanings is always a good idea. 

We work with many San Diego County Real Estate Agents and clients year round who are preparing homes for the market. We always suggest getting your windows cleaned because it makes such a huge difference in the overall appearance of the home. A great time to get them cleaned is just before open houses and showings.

The weather in San Diego makes for perfect window cleaning conditions year round. However, on occasion when it is raining and or windy, we often suggest rescheduling your window cleaning for another day.  Working on a ladder when it’s windy outside isn’t safe and although most of the time we can work when the rain is light, we often give our clients the option to reschedule if they wish to do so. For piece of mind for all our clients we offer a 7-day rain guarantee. If it rains within 7-days of your window cleaning we are happy to go back to your home and touch-up any spots or areas that were affected by the rain – hassle free.

While any assistance is welcome, it is not necessary to take down blinds or curtains, simply providing an open area around the window often helps the most.  Typically, our technicians can work around almost everything in the house!

In a word, yes. Windows that have been repeatedly exposed to water (such as sprinklers), pollen, bugs, acid rain, salt and bird droppings, or simply haven’t been washed for a while take longer to clean. That’s why we recommend all clients to get an annual window cleaning to prevent unsightly stains and debris on the windows that may cost them more down the line.

We service all of San Diego County, however eastern rural areas outside of town and Coronado may be subject to a travel fee. Please call for specific details. 

We try to be flexible in this regard.  Since we guarantee our work 100%, it is always better to have at least one homeowner or responsible person to sign off on our work, provide payment and accept the receipt.  Many of our customers let our trusted employees into their home as they are going off to work and then ask our technicians to lock the door on the way out, much like a house cleaning service. We are also trusted with Real Estate professionals and others who use a lockbox system.  Most of our technicians have over 10 years of experience and for further piece of mind we are licensed and insured!

Most homes can be cleaned inside and out in three to four hours. If it’s our first time cleaning your windows we like to take our time to get the job done right and to make sure you are completely satisfied. If you are on a strict time schedule please let us know as soon as we arrive so we can work within your time restriction. We are easy and flexible. 

If your tint is an aftermarket tint — meaning that rather than being part of the glass itself, a film was applied to the glass to help shield your home from harmful sunlight — additional caution is required. This film can be nicked or scratched if proper care is not taken. The age of the tint is a factor as well: Older film is often faded, can be peeling, and is thinner now than it was when it was new, making it more susceptible to damage.

Yes they can be cleaned and we use extra caution when bringing ladders inside. While our technicians always wear shoe-covers to protect your floors from any dirt or debris being brought inside, cloth towels are also placed on the feet of the ladder to keep the area clean.

When we arrive at your home we always do a quick inspection of your window screens. We will point out any issues we see and give you options on how we can best handle them. Most of the time broken or severely damaged window screens can’t be cleaned and sometimes are better left untouched. There is occasion where we can do a gentle cleaning with minimal contact so as not to cause more damage.

Although, we do not repair or replace window screens we can recommend the names of a few companies who can repair or replace them for you.

The long and the short of it is you have blown seals. Sometimes dual paned insulated glass has flaws during manufacturing because of faulty seals.

For a more in-depth explanation please refer to our short article “Blown Seals”

At this time we only take cash and checks, we can on occasion take credit cards, however, these is a small service fee associated with this payment type. If you’d prefer to use a credit card please let us know and we will be happy to process the payment that way.

We can usually book you an appointment within 3-7 days.  Last minute appointments do become available, text or call us for availability. During the summer months we get busier and wait times may be extended slightly, but we try our best to be flexible and available.

If you have excess debris like pet hair, mold, mud, dirt, bug/insects, etc, we always recommend homeowners vacuum out all tracks before we arrive.  We do wipe out all tracks during your scheduled appointment.  

We specialize in cleaning 1 and 2-story homes, condos and townhomes. However there are a few instances where we do clean 3rd floor windows with windows that can be removed from the inside. But we do not clean fixed-windows on the 3rd floor.

We usually send one, maybe two people to clean your windows.  It allows for a more thorough, uniform and detailed job.  We never show up with crews of workers who quickly clean your windows then leave. Our focus isn’t speed, but instead getting the job done right and making your windows shine!  

Yes, we do clean French grid windows.  Cleaning French grid windows isn’t hard, but it is very time consuming and does require more hand polishing and detailed work. That is why the cost is more then your average window. A French grid window can take up to 6X longer to clean than a typical window because each small square inside the grid frame needs to be cleaned individually. Please inform us if you have French grid windows when you call for a quote and schedule.

Yes, a typical garage can have garage door windows and also regular windows in the space and we clean both.  Although most garage door windows are made of plastic and results vary because of sunlight and wear, they usually clean up quite nicely!  Also, interior garage windows really benefit from a de-webbing and a good scrub!

For an in depth review on specifically what needs to be done before we begin cleaning your interior and exterior windows please read our short article: “How to prepare for a window cleaning” [insert link]. As a general rule, if an object like fixtures or furniture is in front of a window or sliding glass door, or on the window sill, it will need to be moved.  If you are not able to move these items due to health reasons please let us know at the time of scheduling so we can assist you.